Newhaven Fort

Echo Fantasy at Fort Process

Newhaven Fort Fort Rise, Newhaven, BN9 9DS, UK


4:00 PM


£35 for all-day ticket

Around 4pm, I’ll be duetting with Laura Cannell in two adjacent, highly-reverberant gunpowder chambers when Lost Property’s Fort Process. This one-day sound and art festival, exploring the extraordinary acoustics of Newhaven Fort:

Earlier in the day (around 1pm) I’ll be presenting a short talk : ‘The Man Who Bought and Echo’.


Echo Fantasy

Sarah Angliss and Laura Cannell will be making ingenious use of two adjacent, highly reverberant rooms in the fort’s Grand Magazine. When you make a sound in one room, reverberations can be felt and heard in the other. Angliss and Cannell will exploit this acoustic curiosity by drawing on the traditional ‘echo fantasy’ – a renaissance and baroque special effect involving a call and response between visible and hidden performers. In their 21st-century take on the echo fantasy, the duo will use live Max processing to augment the sounds of their ancient, acoustic instruments, warping the sonic coupling between the rooms.

Newhaven Fort (photo Agata Urbaniak)
Newhaven Fort (photo Agata Urbaniak)