Arthur Ross Gallery

Landscape / Soundscape

Arthur Ross Gallery 220 South 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA


10:00 AM


A short soundpiece to accompany Erica Lennard’s silver gelatin print Villa Lante (1986), commissioned for a new exhibition of landscape photography and sound art.

Exhibition runs from 14 January – 26 March 2017

From the curators:

At the core of the exhibition Landscape / Soundscape, landscape photographs from Penn’s University Art Collection are paired with commissioned soundscape compositions. The resulting installations explore the photograph’s capacity to visually convey a sense of sound – musical, natural elements, urban rhythms, or otherwise. The installations also offer opportunity for sound art to complement and alter one’s perception of a photographic landscape. Within the context of the exhibition, landscape is used in its broadest sense, from sweeping natural landscapes to cityscapes to abstractions. Likewise, the corresponding soundscapes are commissioned from a broad spectrum of sound artists and musicians, from those working with field recordings and electronics to noted instrumental performers.

Landscape / Soundscape, is curated by Heather Gibson Moqtaderi, Associate Curator & Collections Manager for the University Art Collection, with Collaborative Curator of Sound Eugene Lew.