British Science Festival 2012

Rocket Lolly and End of the World Party

British Science Festival 2012 University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, AB24 3FX



On Thursday 6 September I’ll be teaming up with fellow Spacedog Stephen Hiscock to perform Rocket Lolly, an hour of rarely seen vintage science films, many accompanied live by us on theremin, saw, vibes and other instruments.

And on Saturday 8 September, I’ll be talking about the deluxe nuclear bunker ‘enthusiasts’. In the 1980s, as most of us were living in fear of the four-minute warning, a handful of people were planning for it with relish, preparing for Armageddon as though it were an extended caravanning holiday. In this talk and drop-in event, I’ll be opening a tin of pemmican and delving into the British archives to tell the little-known story of these self-styled nuclear war ‘survivalists’.