Arnolfini 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA, UK


8:00 PM


£10 (£8.50 concs)

Saisonscape: Decay will be the third installment of Art Assembly’s Saisonscape – a quarterly series that investigates the seasons through experimental music and sonic art. Taking place in autumn, Decay reflects on the natural cycle of the season – leaf litter and organic material dropping to the ground and breaking down into one, renewing the soil with a rich and nourishing composition. I’ll be performing alongside Kemper Norton, Lisa Busby and an artist from Saisonscape’s Supporting Emerging Practice series.

Saisonscape posterFor this edition of the series Saisonscape focuses on artists who use archives of field recordings, folk story and who layer instrumentation, objects and found sound. In this unique work, sounds, ideas and material mulch into new combinations, providing fertile ground for unexpected work and inspiring performance.

William Basinski will be performing on other legs of the tour, in Salford and Liverpool.