City Lit

Robotics and performance masterclass

City Lit Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 4BA, UK


10:00 AM

I’ll be giving a one-day workshop on the basic practical skills you need to introduce robotics and Arduino into your stage act.

Discover how to hook a computer up to simple sensors, LEDs and motors, via an Arduino board, so you can make reactive music and simple music machines. Includes beginners’ tips on electronics, programming and MaxMSP.

This one-day course is open to beginners, who have never used an Arduino or electronics before and intermediate students who want to focus their skills on music making. We’re assuming you have some basic familiarity with a computer – and if you already have some programming or Arduino skills, you’ll be able to do more on the day.

We’ll be using MaxMSP in the practical sessions. You’ll be given ready made patches which you can use or adapt. These patches are suitable for beginners but if you’re already familiar with MaxMSP you’re welcome to adapt or extend these patches.