Barbara Moore:
messages from her listeners

If you have any thoughts to share on Barbara’s music, do get in touch.


I have been a long time fan of Barbara, ever since I heard her music on Armed Forces Radio in Viet Nam. “Voices In Latin” pulled me through some rough times, and I eagerly recorded it since they played the entire album for service personnel for that purpose. I now own the CD, but wish more were released. I envy you folsk on the other side of the pond being able to see and hear Ms. Moore live! WOW!

Ed Macomber

I just wanted to post and say that I had the pleasure of seeing you with Lorraine last Thursday at The Hot August Fringe and loved ever single moment of the evening. Your are an incredible lady and I came away from the event inspired by all that you had shared with us. Best wishes, Steven.

Steven Warren

I saw Barbara at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern last night. What an inspiring woman and wonderful person to listen to. I could of happly sat there for hours.

Scott Walker

Dear Barbara, Did I hear you say that the Terry Wogan Radio 2 theme tune was ‘ancient’ and ‘quite bad’? I have both ‘Just like that’ and ‘At the sign of the swinging cymbal’ both on the same CD and I think that they are great! I always thought that the late Cliff Adams got the job of rearranging ‘swinging cymbal’; how nice to hear it is your rearrangement – I think that they are both great! It took me years to get them both on CD to replace my worn-out vinyl copies! I think the drumming on both recordings is terrific (Ronnie Verrell, I believe)- great big band writing on both pieces! I send you my best wishes and look forward to trying to locate more of your wonderful recordings! With kind regards!

Roy Calvert

Admin: Roy At the time of the interview Barbara only had the Terry Wogan theme on cassette! Some friends have since given her a copy on CD so all is resumed! Thanks so much for your mail!

“Voices In Latin” was all I knew when I first heard this LP while in Viet Nam. It became my favorite album, and now CD! As I listen to her music in my art studio, I reflect on over 40 years this music has been with me. Thanks Barbara, (I’ve Walked Alone) too. Your music made it tolerable.

Ed Macomber

Fantastic film a great talent with much still to share,please do x.

Simon King