Raven Row Gallery


Raven Row Gallery 56 Artillery Ln, London , E1 7LS, UK


12:00 PM


Admission free

Sonakinatography Composition III is a graphic score for dancers and musicians, composed by the pioneering systems artist Channa Horwitz (1932-2013). Decades before the era of laptop-based algorithmic music, Horwitz used paint, pen and paper to create complex visual compositions, based on colours, grids and numbers which repeated in patterns of eight. These works which for the gallery wall are also instructions to musicians and dancers.

I’m realising Horwitz’ Sonakinatography Composition III for a new dance performance choreographed by Ellen Davis. Here, I’m combining MaxMSP with my own recordings and robotic instruments to create a strict but sonically rich intepretation of her score. The performances will happen 3 or 4 times across the day and on some occassions, I’ll be performing some of it live.

Over the weekend, Mark Fell will also be performing his own interpretation of Sonakinatography Composition III. Our interpretations are part of Raven Row’s retrospective of Channa Horwitz’ work.

Performances throughout the day.
Times tbc.
Admission free.