Hack Circus, The Star of Kings

Time Travel Live

Hack Circus, The Star of Kings 126 York Way, London, N1 0AX, UK



In this short performance for Hack Circus, I’ll be comparing depictions of time travel in two of my favourite books.¬† One is a dystopian children’s comic from 1982, the other is in a strangely prescient political polemic written a century earlier. I’ll also be performing a short piece on theremin, accompanied by a couple of my robots.

Hack Circus is a printed magazine and an occasional afternoon of talks, inventions and performances, curated by the brilliant  Leila Johnston, author, blogger, comedy writer and journalist of interesting countercultural ideas. Tania Ahsan, Alby Reid, Ruth Gregory, James Larrson and David Bramwell and are among the other names on the bill. This Hack Circus promises everything from the physics of space time to the occultists who claim to have built a working, underground time machine. Everything you need for the perfect Sunday afternoon.

Tickets cost £10 and are available online (not at the door)