Music videos

A few music videos – if you want to hear more examples of my work, do check out this audio page.

A Wren in the Cathedral

The Bows

Cow Heart Pin


The Machinery

A collaboration with performer and theatre historian Caroline Radcliffe. Earliest records of this this heel-and-toe clog dance are from around 1804. It was devised and danced by women in the Lancashire mills to closely mimic the sounds and actions of the machines around them. I see it as machine-inspired industrial dance music 150 years before electro and Detroit techno. Video by Jon Harrison. In April 2018 we were given a grant by Arts Council England to record the dance in high definition for a large installation. Its first outing will be in Ironbridge, September 2018.

Woman of Constant Sorrow

A brilliant take on an American classic, arranged by Sxip Shirey and sung by Rhiannon Giddens. In this, you’ll see and hear my robotic carillon which we recorded for the track when Sxip was in the UK. Carillon filmed by Tom Hadrill.

Birdsong transcriber

Here the carillon has another outing, this time in collaboration with Dan Stowell, a machine learning and bioacoustic researcher at QMUL. Dan has created a system for automatically transcribing birdsong. I created a Max patch to play his transcriptions through the carillon. We took it to Stave Hill Ecology Park on  Dawn Chorus Day 2016. Film by Karina Townsend.


Salon talks

Some thoughts on folklore, time travel and Ursula Andress for Leila Johnston’s Hack Circus event.

A few words on Muriel Howorth, atomic gardening pioneer – a subject I returned in the book The Odditorium.


A walk through HMS Alliance – the UK’s last surviving WWII era submarine. I reanimated it with a generative 60 channel soundtrack – here’s a walkthrough just before opening day: